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Common Deficiencies

Common deficiencies observed during audit of TA/DA/LTC bills:


a.    General:


  1. Bank Account number and IFS code are not given.
  2. Signature of Government servant not affixed in claim(s).
  3. Specimen signature of the Controlling Authority, in case of transfer of previous Controlling Authority, is not provided to the office in time.
  4. No counter signature of countersigning authority on TA/DA & LTC advance and final claim.
  5. Dependency certificate is not enclosed/countersigned by the countersigning authority, wherever required.
  6. Distance traveled in Kilometer is not given.


b.    Common deficiencies in Permanent transfer claims:


  1. In the case of carriage of personal vehicle, Registration Certificate & relevant documents are not found enclosed.
  2. Copy of Last Pay Certificate, for verification of advance taken from the previous station, is not enclosed.
  3. Final claim is not submitted within the stipulated time

c.    Common deficiencies in LTC claims:


  1. Block year for which LTC availed not mentioned.
  2. Part-II Office Order for availing LTC not enclosed
  3. Reimbursement is claimed in respect of journeys performed in vehicles not operated by the Government or any Corporation run by the Central or State Governments or local bodies
  4. Road mileage is claimed for journey from residence to nearest station/airport etc
  5. Journeys performed by other than the shortest route is claimed in full
  6. Declared destination before commencement of journey is not covered and the same is not regularized
  7. Journey is not completed in respect of all the family members within the stipulated time
  8. Advance is drawn in excess of requirement which leads to levy of penal interest on unutilized advance


d.    Common deficiencies in TA/DA claims:


  1. Part II Office Order/movement order is not enclosed
  2. Air tickets have been booked through other than authorized agents
  3. Hotel bills have been claimed but necessary documents in support of the establishment being registered/licensed as a hotel has not been furnished
  4. Bills have not been preferred within the stipulated time period.  In case of time bar cases necessary sanctions from the Competent Authority have not been enclosed
  5. Food bills have been claimed in respect of items as namkeen, snacks etc. which cannot be taken as part of normal food habits
  6. Advance is drawn in excess of requirement which leads to levy of penal interest on unutilized advance