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House Rent Allowance

a. Rates of HRA (w.e.f. 01-09-2008):-


Classification of Cities Rates of HRA
X 30% of Band Pay+GP
Y 20% -do-
Z 10% -do-

b. General Principles of HRA:-


  1. HRA is payable with reference to Band Pay + GP + NPA, if any but special pay/personal pay not to be included.
  2. In case of re-employed pensioners, portion of pension to be added with actual pay, subject to the total limit of maximum pay scale.
  3. HRA is admissible during all kind of leave or suspension at the rate admissible before proceeding on leave or suspension for the first 180 days, beyond this period allowance can be claimed by furnishing prescribed certificates. In case of leave with medical certificate, HRA is admissible up to 8 months.
  4. If the employee does not join after leave in case of death/invalidation, HRA paid will not be recovered but in case of resignation, recovery will be made after accepting of resignation.
  5. HRA is admissible up to one year in case of deputation abroad and in case deputation exceeds one year, allowance can be drawn on furnishing necessary certificate, if the family resides at headquarters.
  6. HRA will be discontinued, when an employee is provided with Government accommodation, from the date of occupation or from the 8th day of allotment whichever is earlier.
  7. On transfer, it is admissible for eight (8) months only at new station, if Government accommodation is retained at old station
  8. HRA is admissible to employee living in a house owned by him/his wife/children/parent but HRA is not admissible if an employee lives in accommodation allotted to his wife/ her husband at the same station or shares rent free accommodation with another employee.