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The concession to home town is allowed once in a block of two calendar years. The block is counted from 1956-57 and current block year for home town LTC is 2010-11.


  1. The concession to visit any place in India is admissible once in a block of 4 calendar years. The first 4 year block was 1974-77 and the current block is 2010-13.
  2. Concession is also admissible during maternity leave.
  3. Concession can be combined with journey on tour or transfer.
  4. Intended place of visit to be declared in advance, in case of all India LTC.
  5. Declared place of visit can be changed before commencement of the journey with the approval of controlling authority.
  6. Declared place of destination must be visited.
  7. Government servant and/ or members of his family may visit either the same place or different places of their choice.
  8. LTC not admissible to;


  • The Government servants whose spouses are employed in Railways & National Airlines.
  • Government servant under suspension but his family can avail the concession.
  • Government servant who proceeds on leave but resigns without returning to duty
  • When journey performed in a private car (owned/ borrowed or hired) or chartered bus, van or other vehicle owned, operated by private operators.


  • Where no advance is drawn by Government servant, the right of a Government servant for reimbursement of LTC claim stands forfeited or deemed to have been relinquished, if the claim is not preferred within 3 months of the date of completion of return journey. If advance is drawn, final bill should be preferred within one month of the completion of the return journey.
  • Officials who are entitled to travel by air during LTC have to travel by economy class irrespective of entitlement.